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The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get what their mind allows them to.

Rich Froning
CrossFit Breaking Barbell's is a strength and conditioning facility that employs the CrossFit model to help our clients pursue elite fitness. The workouts are based on functional, life-improving movements done at high intensity with variance. This style of fitness is not meant to be intimidating, every workout is scalable to meet your skill level.
Our fitness program is designed to provide you with a daily challenge and nutritional education. Regardless of your own fitness experiences and goals, there is always a CrossFit plan that is right for you. The workouts will be pre-programmed everyday and members will exercise as a group under the supervision of one of our experienced coaches.

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Started CrossFit: 2012
From: Fairbault, MN

Mandy Brendemuehl

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Started CrossFit: 2010
From: San Bernardino, CA

Geoffery Castro

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Started CrossFit: 2012
From: Philadelphia, PA

Kyle Harris


Started CrossFit: 2015
From: Indianapolis, IN

Jeff Meeks

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Started CrossFit: 2016
From: Spring Hill, FL

David Cross


CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

CrossFit HQ
CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone—people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

Do you need more of a personal plan?

One on One Coaching.

Work with Mandy to build a custom plan just for you.  Private one on one coaching allowing you to focus on becoming the best version of you with out the distraction of others.

Couch 2 CrossFit

No stress, no pressure - just results.

Couch 2 CrossFit is geared towards people with little or no exercise experience. We use simple movements to achieve sustainable and consistent results. There is no better way to kick this year in the butt than to get in shape so you can take on the world with confidence.


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