Mandy Brendemuehl


  • M.S. Health & Sports Science
  • Certified Athletic Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • USA Weightlifing Level 1
  • CPR & First Aid

I am originally from Minnesota, were I excelled in team sports from a young age and some might say I have a bit of a competitive side. I played multiple sports while in high school including volleyball, basketball, track and softball. I attended South Dakota State, where I planned to play basketball, until a knee injury occurred in a pick up game. I then decided to major in Athletic Training, and obtain my Masters in Health and Sports Science. I moved down to Florida to accept a job as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Disney and ESPN Wide World of Sports. Shortly after my move, I discovered CrossFit. I was hooked immediately due to the competition aspect of it and the camaraderie motivated me.

CrossFit not only transformed me through the sport but also through nutrition. Nutrition has always played a big role in my life, but since CrossFit, I realized how beneficial clean eating can be and how my training has changed with a healthy lifestyle. In the midst of my training, I took a large interest in the Advocare line and became a distributor to help others maintain or improve their health and wellness with the proper supplementation. I have been blessed with the opportunity to open this CrossFit gym to help others reach and exceed their goals; to show people that there is no limit and anyone can get the results they want. My passion for CrossFit will strongly reflect my coaching strategies and an athletes' success. I want to inspire and encourage the community to live life to the fullest and have them walk away feeling accomplished and grateful.