Jeff Meeks


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • USAPP Technical Official
  • USAT Race Director

I didn't find CrossFit, CrossFit found me.

I love that it revolutionized an approach to fitness that is aggressive but balanced, hard core but for all levels, structured, results driven and fun. I stay with it because in my opinion it is the best thing going for those who want to be in great shape. And like Red Bull it’s the original. All others no matter how popular are here because of it. I’m loyal that way.

CrossFit as a program pushes me way outside my comfort zone where I secretly love to reside. I love the community as well. Good people from all backgrounds coming together to share journeys, bear burdens and love one another. It’s a beautiful thing. No matter what sport I am focusing on - triathlon, mountain biking, running, obstacle course racing, etc, CrossFit will always be the foundation.

"CrossFit will always be the foundation of my fitness."

Jeff Meeks.