Kyle Harris


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I found CrossFit in early 2012 after a devastating break up in a new town that wasn't familiar with me. There were two boxes in Lakeland at the time and CrossFit Lake Mirror (now L.I.F.T.) was the only one to answer the email. My first workout was an awful 45 minute Chipper but I managed and loved it from there on out. CrossFit is appealing to me because one can never truly master it. There's always going to be heavier, faster, more efficient, more pretty, or even brand new. It is one of the pursuits that is truly "for life" in every sense of the phrase. CrossFit's influence on my life is primarily through a more mindfully fit lifestyle and the community of helping others improve their own lifestyle patterns. Changes are subtle but moments of self-discovery are omnipresent. With that in mind goals are ever-changing but so long as I continue to enjoy "moving" CrossFit will continue to be rewarding. If we are being completely honest, I enjoy CrossFit because looking good naked, eating, and taking care of myself are important to me.

Outside the box I am the Golf Course Superintendent at Streamsong Resorts Red and Blue Golf Courses, a job I've had since 2011 when I moved to Lakeland to build the golf courses. Golf is a large part of my life and CrossFit helps further my competitive drive in golf. My other interests and pastimes include working on my house (slowly), studying history and mathematics (CrossFit for the mind), travelling, and hanging out with my dog, Petey.

So long as I continue to enjoy "moving" CrossFit will continue to be rewarding.

Kyle Harris.